Digital Business Cards Swapper

Bandy is the App that allows you to exchange your contact details with another person easily, quickly, and, above all, securely.

How it work's

The Highlights

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No network? No problem. Better!

Bandy also works offline, without the need for a network. The best way to keep your sensitive data safe and to exchange contacts even when there is no signal.

Private list

With Bandy, you save your new contacts in a private list, and you decide whether or not to integrate them into your phone's address book.


To use Bandy, simply bring your phone screens together and scan the Qr code on the app. It will be like shaking hands without touching.


Bandy replaces the classic paper business card, the best gift we can give the environment. And that's not all: with a digital list of new contacts, we can say goodbye to scattered, lost, or forgotten cards.  


You can even export the list to an Excel file and/or transfer them to your CRM.


Call, send a SMS or Email directly without add to your device private Contacts.

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